Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kapit retail attraction

Terasang Market in Kapit is the wet market place like no other in Sarawak that is always a busy place and retail attraction in a market economy.
It has almost everything we need as a central collecting point. This market is busy every morning, the local main place to get daily fresh goods like various kinds of local freshly plucked vegetables, fruits, household products, local cookies; wild caught freshwater fish and freshly killed wild animal meat and etc.

                                                                   Busy making sauce

                            Petty traders
                                                                   Local delight

                                                                                Local fruit

                                                                      Local delight

                                                                        Salted fish

                                                                             Salted fish

                                                                                Fresh fish


                                                                               Red banana

                                                                                        Fresh fruit

                                                                     Big pineapple

                                                                            Quail eggs

                                                                  Hottest Chilli

                                                                          Fresh water prawn

                                                                   Small market

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